• NEW: BR110 and BR110 Light

    NEW: BR110 and BR110 Light

    Rizzini USA welcomes the new BR110 and BR110 Light to its 2017 lineup. This beautiful new gun has a starting price of $1,999. Call (435) 528-5080 to order yours today!

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  • The Fierce 1

    The Fierce 1

    Fierce 1 is case-colored with simple scroll engraving. It is refined and elegant with a profile characterized by elevated and a fixed firing mechanism has been developed to meet all the needs of professional shooting. It offers the highest performance due to its functionality and versatility.

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  • BR 440

    BR 440

    The BR 440 is an absolute novelty in the Rizzini competition models. The main features consist of the adoption of the receiver and the trigger fully removable and interchangeable with coil springs. Considerable technical interest covers the interchangeable block applied to the studs against the inner side of the receiver (patented) designed to ensure long-lasting performance.

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BR 440

Review - BR 440

Focused on Olympic Gold
‘FOCUS’ – Concentration, Purposefulness. An apt description for Battista Rizzini’s Model BR440 International Trap gun. From the moment the gun is removed from its case, assembled and shouldered, its function is apparent – to serve a shooter as the instrument by which he or she can win Gold medals at the highest levels of International Trap competition – World Cups and of course, the Olympics. Every facet of its design – from barrels to rib to stock, is built with this singularity of purpose – to win!
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I was near Cordoba at Los Chanares and I shot two half days and two full days. My Round Bodies worked perfectly. I shot 3019 doves with 3800 rounds. --Mag. Dr. Franz J. Fiedler--

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Custom Shotguns
Our custom shop in Brescia, Italy has some of the best custom engravers in the industry available to design your next shotgun...
  • BR 440 Review +

    Everyone who shot the BR440 was impressed. In the ‘looks’ department, the metal was finished to a high luster deep blue, and the name RIZZINI gold filled on each side of the receiver bolsters... This gun simply exudes quality.
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  • Vertex Review +

    “The comment I hear most about the Vertex, and a comment I strongly agree with, is that this is a lot of gun for the money. The gun is a real workhorse and not only suits the beginning sporting clays shooter but also the most experienced.
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