Artemis Light

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Rizzini Artemis Light

The Artemis Light features some of the best scroll engraving to come out of the world-renowned engraving house of Italy. We utilize a side plate receiver to highlight this beautiful artwork combined with gold inlay in the Rizzini Flag and the Lions on the bottom of the receiver. The alloy frame reduces the weight of the shotgun by approximately 1 lb making the shotgun easy to swing and carry.  The Rizzini factory artisans hand finish the engraving and put numerous hours of work into every shotgun. Battista Rizzini himself hand selects every piece of Turkish walnut wood that goes into our 26 line-per-inch precision checkered stocks. Rizzini quality is built into every gun.  This makes the Artemis Light a must have for your collection.

Artemis Light 

ACTION: Side plates with coin finish
ENGRAVING: Scroll engraving with light gold inlay on Rizzini tag and lions
MECHANICS: Boxlock, automatic ejectors, single selective trigger.
BARRELS: chrome-lined bores
RIBS: Comes standard with vented top rib. Option of solid rib is available for up charge of $300
STOCK AND FOREND: Round knob Prince of Wales grip and
straight forend comes standard, English style grip is available at no extra charge.
GAUGE: 12/16/20/28 and 410
CHAMBER: 2.75"/3"
BARREL LENGTH: Standard on all calibers is 28”  26-30 “ is available at no extra charge. Over 30” ask for pricing.
CHOKES: Comes with five interchangeable chokes. 
DROP: 1 1/2" x 2 1/4"
STOCK LENGTH: 14 1/2" (left hand butt stock is available)
WEIGHT (LBS.): 12 gauge- 6.4 lbs, 16 Gauge-6.3 lbs., 20 gauge -6 lbs., 28 Gauge 5.7 lbs., .410 Gauge- 5.7 lbs.

MSRP: $4,295


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