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The Omnium is the entry level shotgun in the Rizzini line of fine Shotguns. The receiver is simple and is adorned with a game scene engraving. The special protective PVD coating protects the receiver for years of in-the-field hunting and harsh weather conditions.  The Omnium incorporates the fine engineering and craftsmanship that you can expect from any Rizzini product.

Despite it’s low price the Omnium provides the hunter and shooter with the same combination of reliability and handling dynamics that higher grade guns offer, but at a value-packed price. All components are manufactured and finished in Rizzini’s own factory to higher standards than most production grade guns of other makers. As a result, quality and reliability can be guaranteed.

Flat forged frames and barrels of nickel chrome steel are crafted into functional and graceful shotguns suitable for all shooting purposes. Frame sizes in 12 and 20 make for dynamic handling characteristics. All guns come in interchangeable screw-in chokes and bores are chrome lined for corrosion resistance and ease of maintenance. Deeply blued barrels and actions provide durability no matter what the field conditions.

The Omnium retains many of the unique features found on it’s higher grade cousins; Jeweled monoblocks, brazed ribs, and precisely regulated trigger and automatic ejectors.

With the Omnium, Rizzini offers the budget-minded shooter the best value in an over/under shotgun today.

ACTION: Case-colored or coin finish.
ENGRAVING: Minimal scroll
MECHANICS: Boxlock, automatic ejectors, single-selective trigger.
BARRELS: Chrome lined barrels, glossy blued.
RIBS: Full side ribs, ventilated top rib.
STOCK AND FOREND: Pistol grip stock and schnabel forend in standard walnut, polished finish.
GAUGE: 12, 16, 20, 28 (upcharge), .410 (upcharge)
CHAMBER: 2 3/4"/3"
BARREL LENGTH: 26 1/2", 28", 30", 32"
CHOKES: interchangeable
TOP RIB: .275" cal., 12/16, .235" cal., 20
DROP: 1 1/2" x 2 1/4"
WEIGHT (LBS.): 12 Gauge- 6.75 lbs., 20 Gauge- 6.25 lbs.
MSRP: $2,199


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