"The test team took an immediate liking to the BR110 Sporter by Rizzini. With some competition guns, you end up wondering what exactly justifies their price tags. Not in this instance.

This newest addition to the BR110 line is an excellent all-around sporting-clays gun. Everything about it feels right. The gun’s 8-pound weight and 30-inch barrels are both ideal for sporting clays. And no matter what kind of target you’re presented with, this gun “just seems to find the bird,” as one tester put it.

The stock fit all of us well. And even when we were taking fast pairs, we didn’t have any problems getting the gun moving.

Field and Stream tested 7 upland game shotguns and named our BR110 "THE BEST OF THE TEST!"  We have boasted that the BR110 performs like most high-end O/U shotguns due to it's accelerated performance and smooth swing.  To most, it's what can always be expected from the B. Rizzini shop.  The accolades have been numerous for this model and it continues to be our top-selling model.

John Mogle with the BR110

John Mogle, CEO of Rizzini USA, poses with the BR110 Light.

Each year, the team at Rizzini work together to introduce new shotguns specific to the USA market and have been winning over shooters from both the hunting and competitive side with new introductory models such as the Fierce 1 and the revamped Vertex.  Critics and shooters alike are impressed by the lineup and Rizzini USA continues to grow year-after-year since John Mogle and his team grabbed the helm of the distributorship for the USA and Canada five years ago. 

This year, Team Rizzini worked together to bring the BR110 to the 2017 lineup for the US market.  It already has become the best seller for Rizzini USA and is offered on many dealer shelves across the nation, including big-box stores such as Cabelas, Reeds and Sportsmans Warehouse.

Since its release, the BR110 has been getting a lot of attention and has been one of the favorite O/U shotguns of 2017.  Field and Stream recently listed it as the Dream Gun for under $2000, along with recognition as one of the best new arrivals at the 2017 Shot Show. Now, to add to the accolades, Quail Forever has awarded “O/U Gun of the Year” to the BR110. 

The BR110 made the runner up for "dream gun" in the $1500-2000 range (Field and Stream magazine, May, 2017). According to the article, most people are looking for the ultimate upland game gun in this price range. The BR110 is a "no-frills Italian shotgun."

The article written by Phil Bourjaily lists the BR110 as a runner-up for best ultimate dream gun between the $1500-2000 price range, the most popular price bracket for a desired dream gun.

By Sheppard Kelly

FOCUS’ Concentration, Purposefulness.  An apt description for Battista Rizzini’s Model BR440 International Trap gun.  From the moment the gun is removed from its case, assembled and shouldered, its function is apparent – to serve a shooter as the instrument by which he or she can win Gold medals at the highest levels of International Trap competition – World Cups and of course, the Olympics.  Every facet of its design – from barrels to rib to stock, is built with this singularity of purpose – to win!

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