Question: What are Fierce rifles actions screws torqued to?

Answer: 53-inch pounds

Question:  What bases are needed to mount my scope on my Fierce rifle?

Answer:  Our Fierce action requires Fierce bases. The screw holes to our base are the larger 8-40 screw size. This gives your scope attachment platform more strength to withstand the pressure from the heavier LR scopes that are very popular today.

There are two companies making bases for us right now. Talley and Murphy Precision. Talley makes a one-piece base and a 20 MOA rail. We also offer a 0 MOA rail at an affordable price. You can go to our store and BUY THEM NOW.

Question:  How do I break in the barrel on my Fierce rifle?

Answer: The Fierce rifle barrels are hand-lapped match grade stainless steel barrels. The hand lapping process starts the break in process. Following is the recommended barrel break-in procedure to ensure reliable and consistent accuracy from your new Fierce rifle:

Your break in will require shooting one box (20 rounds) of ammo

  1. Shoot one round then clean
  2. Do this for the first five rounds.
  3. Shoot five rounds then clean
  4. Do this for the next fifteen rounds.
  5. Shoot a fouler round then a three-shot group for accuracy.

NOTE: Allow barrel to cool before shooting each series of break-in rounds to avoid unnecessary throat erosion. Do not shoot your rifle in succession until the barrel has cooled enough to touch with a bare hand. This can burn the throat out of your match grade chamber.

When cleaning we recommend the following items

  • Use a quality one-piece cleaning rod.
  • Use high quality patches.
  • Use a bore guide.
  • Clean from chamber end only.
  • Clean powder residue from bore using a high quality barrel cleaning solvent.
  • Follow with a copper remover like Barnes CR-10 Copper to remove copper fouling. Follow the instructions on the bottle.
  • Finish with a patch lightly coated with gun oil. Your rifle is ready to shoot.
  • Remember to clean your rifle after 20-30 rounds.