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Battista Rizzini and Ivano Tanfoglio have joined forces to bring you quite possibly the most talented custom shop in the world. These two craftsmen have established themselves as two of the most acclaimed gun makers in the industry.

Everything produced in their custom shop is made 100% by hand - from side-by-side to over-and-under, hammer guns and rifles. Connoisseurs, demanding hunters and shooters who have been familiar with Battista and Ivano for many years, are now looking forward to seeing the results of the combination between innovative mechanical solution and more traditional fine-gun oriented mentality.

Battista and Ivano have walked down different, but parallel paths in their careers and have joined together in the pursuit of fine gun making. Thanks to the founders’ experiences and knowledge, Rizzini & Tanfoglio provide a complete synthesis of mechanical perfection, innovation and century-old gun making traditions typical of the Brescia region.

For more information on your next custom gun project call us to discuss your options.

(435) 462-0040