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The Aurum features a Prince of Wales pistol grip stock or English style stock made of quality Turkish walnut. The Frame is adorned with an elegant game scene engraving that is hand finished for quality. The barrels are made of nickel chrome steel, and the outside finished in a gloss bluing which gives better durability over a wide range of temperatures.

Mechanically the Aurum is proven with Rizzini’s 55 years of manufacturing experience. The barrel has brazed ribs running along the top. It also has automatic shell ejectors and a single selective trigger that can be used for the firing of either barrel. The Aurum is a hunting companion you can rely on. 

  • ACTION: Low profile, box lock. Coin finish, the Classic is case colored.
  • ENGRAVING: Game scenes in relief, hand-finished.
  • MECHANICS: Automatic ejectors, single selective trigger.
  • BARRELS: Chrome lined bores
  • BARREL LENGTH: Available in 26"  28"  29"  30"
  • RIBS: Ventilated top rib.
  • STOCK AND FOREND: Prince of Wales pistol grip stock and rounded forend in quality select Turkish walnut, hand checkered. 
  • GAUGE: 12, 16, 20 (with proper scaled action  |  Small Action: 28, 410
  • CHAMBER: 23/4" - 3"
  • CHOKES:  Set of five interchangeable chokes
  • DROP: 1.5" x 2.25"
  • STOCK LENGTH: 14 5/8"
  • WEIGHT (LBS.): 6.75 cal. 12, 6.25 cal. 20/28/410**  |  Aurum Light: 6.5 cal. 12, 6.25 cal. 16, 5.75 cal. 20, 5.5 cal. 28/410
  • PRICE: $3,435