• Just a quick note to express my appreciation for putting on such a fun and educational long range shooting school at your beautiful facility in Utah. We learned so much in such a short amount of time and I can say with 100% confidence that we all left as much better shooters than when we arrived. Your instructors have excellent demeanors and displayed a lot of patience while handling a group with such varied backgrounds and experience levels. It was really cool to see the shooters with very limited experience (our wives) perform so well and have such a great time. The subject material was well covered in your textbook and 3 days was just the right amount of time to digest and apply the classroom lessons on the range. One of my favorite parts of the course was the lesson on using your hunting partners and your non-shooting related gear such as backpacks and camera tripods to improve your shooting positions while in the field. Making wind calls and shooting targets out to 1500 yards on the last day while up on the Utah mountains was very special. So much of shooting comes down to confidence and completing your school instilled a new level of confidence that will directly translate to all our future hunting exploits.
  • I began shooting Fierce rifles about 5 years ago and after many custom rifles I find them to be the best on the market. When asked what my favorite Fierce caliber is? I usually respond “the one I don’t have yet.”
  • I looked at every rifle made and purchased my first Fierce rifle chambered in a 33 Nosler. The second step was to attend the Fierce shooting school, so my two sons and I could learn how to shoot! If you are not familiar with Illinois, long range rifles are not used in our state. The class was incredible! The practical shooting techniques and the knowledge of the instructors was impressive. By the end of the school, I hit a coyote target three times at 1350 yards. Ammon, Gage, John, Ben, and Courtney all helped in getting this flatlander to shoot. Today I own nine Fierce rifles in multiple calibers. Each rifle is built with quality and the hunter in mind. They are all deadly accurate! They are all moderately priced! Not only did I find a rifle for the rest of my life, I found a family based business that just happens to employ five gentlemen that have become friends of mine for LIFE!!!!!!